The First Vlog

I’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog post to the release of my youtube channel! During my time abroad I recorded my friends and I travel through Europe! Watching these vlogs makes me so happy.  I’m eternally grateful that I was able to travel with my friends and record our fun, jokes, and laughs. Be sure to check out my blog by clicking “The Vlog” on my sidebar and it will direct you to my youtube channel. Be advised that I will be posting these vlogs either weekly or bi-weekly, so please be on the lookout! Being that now I am so far removed from being abroad I hope that I could recall as much information as possible so that I can give insight on everywhere I’ve visited and helped guide others through their travels.

The First Vlog!

Our first stop was Berlin, Germany, but at that time I was still shopping around for the perfect camera. And that brings me to my London vlog. To be honest, this video is not my best vlog. The camera I had at the time was trash, as a result, this vlog is trash. LOL. The first vlog was in London! My first trip to London ended fast, however it was well worth it. The first stop we made was some sightseeing in Camden Town, where we shopped around. We then ended up at Maxwell’s Bar and Grill. If ever in London and want good food I would definitely suggest this place. Being in Europe Maxwell’s was the closest thing I ate similar to American food. I enjoyed the food so much that I returned the second time I visited London. The barbeque ribs and wings were great! And listen, the baked macaroni and cheese….. the baked macaroni and cheese was surprisingly verrry good (I think this was the start of my macaroni and cheese obsession).

Later that night, we attended Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour. Drake swears the UK is his second home, so of course, he was DTM, but he’s a dope performer. #TeamMeek. No, seriously the setup was fire! We definitely enjoyed ourselves.

We ended our night by going to the very well-known, Duck & Waffle. Duck & Waffle is a 24-hour restaurant in which I highly recommended. I mean how often do you eat duck, a sunny side up egg, and a waffle? AND it’s 24 hours! There were about 3 floors with a DJ each floor (this was early February, so my memory is really faded so I could be making this up lol) but the DJ’s played really urban hip music. Not to mention this is a pretty aesthetically pleasing place. I mean look at my picture above. I KNOW I KNOW it’s hard looking pass my highlight.


I can finally say go comment, like, and subscribe to my youtube channel!


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