Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am back on this day of sharing love to share something I love with you all, and that’s CHEAP flights! I tell everyone that wants to travel at an affordable cost to follow different pages that share flight deals, but I also make it my job to post some of the best deals that I see. This week in my feeds I spotted some bomb deals, internationally and domestic including:

If you’re really down for an adventure you can grab the flights to Fort Lauderdale/Miami and a flight to Belize making it a multi-stop vacation. Now that sounds fun! Are you down for some fun in the sun? Spring Break and the Summer is approaching. Plan a grand vacation at an affordable cost before it’s too late. Comment below if you’re GRABBING any of these flights or PASSING!



It’s been weeks since I’ve posted a video, but I am happy to be back! I have a few old videos to post, so within the next week, I’ll be consistently posting! Be sure to comment like and subscribe to my youtube channel!


WAIT! Please stop what you’re doing and book one of these flights!!! If I had the time and wasn’t in school I’d be on my way to Europe! Often times we get caught up in the cliche that traveling is expensive, but the key to traveling is booking flights when there is a cheap deal like this one circulating different travel blogs. From the different blogs I come across, often times travelers speak about how they book flights when there are amazing deals going on, and when there are glitches on different websites. We literally have to stop snoozing on deals and see the world! I understand having responsibilities pull us back, but post-grad please believe I will definitely take advantage of all the deals.

Okay, but here is a fair WARNING. Like many airlines WOW Air is flawed. While abroad I flew from London to Keflavik and from Keflavik back to Barcelona. The flying process was like normal. However, the thing that I didn’t like about WOW Air is their baggage system. The only bag you are allowed for free is a personal bag such as a purse or a backpack, a bag small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. If you are traveling with a carry-on, it must be a certain size, and you have to pay for it. Depending on where you are flying from and flying to determines the cost of the extra baggage. Click HERE to check out all the $99 dollar flights leaving the United States headed to cities in Europe!

Comment below how you all feel about posts like these! Are you guys booking these flights or what? Do you have things holding you back? Maybe my mantra will help. Book now, worry later!


For the most part I’ve blogged about a variety of things; however, I want to bring the focus back to one of the topics I want to emphasize more, Travel! Here are some of the deals I came across this week that are stealsssss!

I love following travel pages because I get to see all the cheap flight deals and picture of other’s vacations. I’ll be sure to post flight deals that I feel are relevant to my viewers. With this blog post I decided to focus on cheap domestic flights, but I’ll be sure to also post inexpensive international flight deals!

Views from Duomo di Milano

During my travels in Europe, one of my favorite things were capturing pictures in fun outfits in front of places I used to google. Check out this edgy chic look in front of the famous Duomo di Milano.

The Jiara ft. Duomo di Milano,

Graphic Tee: Zara

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Vans

Bag: Zara

The Paris Vlog

Today’s vlog is from my time spent in Paris, France. This is definitely one of my favorites out of the bunch. While abroad I turned the bittersweet age of 21 and got the chance to celebrate in Paris! To have the chance to travel through Europe to so many different countries and cites by the age of 21 was a blessing. Never would I have expected to accomplished such a thing, so this was definitely a birthday for the books! I won’t go into details about this trip because honestly everything I would need to say is captured in the vlog. I hope you all enjoy the vlog! Comment, like, and subscribe!