Hip Hop Meets Streetwear

I’ve been finding myself listening to my same playlists (which I am so tired of now, and I’ve been waiting for new music to drop! Within the genres that I typically listen to, I feel as though there hasn’t been any music dropping lately.

However, YFN Lucci just dropped an album, and it’s perfect timing! It’s spring break and I need some traveling music. I’ve been a Lucci fan since “Wish Me Well 2,” and I definitely would consider him to be one of my favorites. I like Lucci because his music is relatable. He has a very unique music style from the rest of the individuals in his genre and I appreciate that. He has radio hits like “Key to the Streets,” “Everyday We Lit,” and “Street Kings.” Lucci even has slower songs catering to the ladies like “Run It Up” and “Missing You” which are my personal favorites.

I also enjoy Lucci’s fashion sense. I like to see rappers allowing their stylist to take them outside of their comfort zone sometimes, but at the same time remain themselves. Lucci was recently been featured in a lookbook where he teamed up with the LA-based streetwear brand DOPE. Hip-hop plays a huge role in fashion, so I love seeing clothing brands collaborate with hip-hop artists! Click here to learn more of Lucci’s feature. Be sure to check out Lucci’s latest album “Ray Ray from Summerhill.”  Comment below your favorite Lucci songs!


3 of my favorite places to shop!

As Homecoming SZN is approaching, I thought it’ll be cool to list a few of my GO-TO places to shop for party/evening clothing. It is important to serve looks all homecoming weekend, so I hope this would serve as a guide to help as you all are gathering outfits for the grand festivities! Here are some of my go-to websites where I shop to secure the looks!

  1. zara.com
  2. missguidedus.com
  3. us.boohoo.com

I am the biggest Zara fan. I think they are the perfect mix of High-end fashion at fast fashion prices. And I am sure my fashion girls can relate. Missguided is another favorite. They have some of the cutest things on their website, and not to mention the great prices and fast shipping. Missguided always has a sale going on so I definitely suggest everyone to browse their website and see what you can find. When it comes to BooHoo you can either find great quality things for a very good price or get what you paid for. BooHoo has a marketing strategy whereas everything on their site is 50-60% off, and I must say thing sucks me right in.

Be sure to check these sites out and slay Instagram all homecoming weekend!

The Paris Vlog

Today’s vlog is from my time spent in Paris, France. This is definitely one of my favorites out of the bunch. While abroad I turned the bittersweet age of 21 and got the chance to celebrate in Paris! To have the chance to travel through Europe to so many different countries and cites by the age of 21 was a blessing. Never would I have expected to accomplished such a thing, so this was definitely a birthday for the books! I won’t go into details about this trip because honestly everything I would need to say is captured in the vlog. I hope you all enjoy the vlog! Comment, like, and subscribe!



Blogging Ain’t Easy.

In my first few weeks of being a lifestyle blogger, one thing I must admit is…. blogging AIN’T easy. As I stated in a previous blog post I am a bit of a perfectionist. I want to make sure anything I put out is my very best. That being said I’ve dedicated to spice things up and add some structure to my blog. Starting next week I am implementing a schedule for my blog. Expect new posts Thursday and Sunday nights. I believe at that time most people have some downtime to relax and enjoy blog posts. Being a full-time student with more credit hours than a student should ever take, I will try my very best to give the people what they want! If you have any suggestions on blog posts you would like to see or you just want to comment on anything regarding my blog be sure to comment below!

With Love,


Introducing “The Playlist”

Image result for partynextdoor new album   Image result for trip jhene aiko

Being a lifestyle blogger I love having the ability to discuss things from my favorite fashion trends to my favorite music at the moment. I thought it’ll be a cool idea to share my playlist at the moment, so here’s to yet another addition to my blog, The Playlist. I am the type of person who puts off listening to new music because I find it a bit overwhelming, but after everyone raved about these albums I dedicated to check them out. Here is a list of seven of my favorite songs at the moment:

  1. Get To You – A boogie wit da hoodie
  2. Bad Girl – A boogie wit da hoodie
  3. F*cking & Kissing – A boogie wit da hoodie
  4. New Balance  – Jhené Aiko
  5. Sativa – Jhené Aiko
  6. You Are Here – Jhené Aiko
  7. Better Man – PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Rick Ross

I love R&B music. Always have and always will. However, I am a sucker for Hip-Hop and R&B. I love when rappers can switch it up and speak on their feelings. A boogie definitely showed up and showed out with his Lauryn Hill “sample” in Get To You. I am impressed! “The Bigger Artist” is definitely a great debut album.

If anyone had to describe my music choice using one word it would definitely be “love.” And as you can see love is definitely the theme of this list. What are some of you guys favorite songs at the moment? Albums? Genres? Comment below!