Life Update. 29Rooms. Photography apps.

I’m pretty ridiculous and I’m aware. I’m just completely over myself okay. My last post was in March! Ha, pleaseee. MY LACK OF MOTIVATION HAS BEEN EATING ME ALIVE. Honestly, I can no longer deal which is why I am here right now typing up this post. I have more posts in mind but I thought it’ll be quite tacky to drop a blog post without explaining what’s really going on. SIGH—– (the dramatics LOL)


Well first, I am a graduate! A Howard University graduate that is! I’m thinking of doing a post-grad blog post, but that is a topic for another day! I moved back to Chicago and I am loving it. It feels good to be home after being separated for 4 years! I’m saying this now, but as soon as the weather drop, I’LL BE CRYING ICICLES. Minus the days when the heat is unbearable, I’ve enjoyed the summer and is dreading the climate change.

Enjoy this graduation picture, until the post-grad post drop!

Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Missguided

The summer has been a time filled with installations and exhibits and I love a good photo opp paired with a good outfit. Refinery 29 is one of my favorite companies, so when I saw their brand, 29Rooms, was coming to Chicago I was eager to buy my ticket! I wasn’t able to go to every room there because of the set up of 29Rooms, but I still managed to get some great pictures in the rooms I did visit. 29Rooms is much different than your typical installation. Despite the name, it is one big room with 29 subsections dedicated to different artists and themes AND LONG LINES. Here some of my favorite pictures from the event:


T-Shirt: ZARA

Skirt: ASOS

Heels: ZARA

Since I’ve had an iPhone one of my favorite features has been the photography apps. I’ve always enjoyed editing my pictures I thought it would be cool to start a new segment on my blog where I talk about apps and different tech tools I use whether that be to edit my pics or vlogs, etc. Hmmm.. the name of this segment should be something along the lines of “The Tech Tools.” I think I like that enough LOL.

I’ve recently come across the app “Afterlight” and I love it! The app is $1.99 but definitely worth it. They have a variety of tools on the app where you could honestly make it a one-stop shop, but of course, I’m too extra. I use at least 1 other app before going straight to Afterlight. If you’re simple with your editing you’ll definitely get a lot out of use out of Afterlight.

Comment below to let me know you guys favorite editing apps! Also, be sure to let me know if you download Afterlight!

Hip Hop Meets Streetwear

I’ve been finding myself listening to my same playlists (which I am so tired of now, and I’ve been waiting for new music to drop! Within the genres that I typically listen to, I feel as though there hasn’t been any music dropping lately.

However, YFN Lucci just dropped an album, and it’s perfect timing! It’s spring break and I need some traveling music. I’ve been a Lucci fan since “Wish Me Well 2,” and I definitely would consider him to be one of my favorites. I like Lucci because his music is relatable. He has a very unique music style from the rest of the individuals in his genre and I appreciate that. He has radio hits like “Key to the Streets,” “Everyday We Lit,” and “Street Kings.” Lucci even has slower songs catering to the ladies like “Run It Up” and “Missing You” which are my personal favorites.

I also enjoy Lucci’s fashion sense. I like to see rappers allowing their stylist to take them outside of their comfort zone sometimes, but at the same time remain themselves. Lucci was recently been featured in a lookbook where he teamed up with the LA-based streetwear brand DOPE. Hip-hop plays a huge role in fashion, so I love seeing clothing brands collaborate with hip-hop artists! Click here to learn more of Lucci’s feature. Be sure to check out Lucci’s latest album “Ray Ray from Summerhill.”  Comment below your favorite Lucci songs!


Street Art + Me = A Shoot!

After spending three and a half years in Washington, D.C, I still find myself missing home, Chicago, but having a few months left I decided to take advantage of the city and find cool settings to take pictures. After looking for different places to shoot around the city I found some dope places. I found this alleyway in Northwest named Blagden Alley and it is beautiful. I am a huge fan of street art and street photography, so I knew that shooting here was a must. I hit up Carlissa, at, to do a shoot and it was a success! This location was perfect! I’ll definitely be back here to shoot again. There were many different backgrounds that are all great for shooting, but my favorite was the “LOVE” background. I shared some of the photos below and also listed where my outfit is from. Do you all know of any other dope places to shoot in the Washington, D.C or Maryland area?


Top: BooHoo

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Do you see this coat?!


Coat: ASOS Luxe Teddy Borg

Turtle Neck: Forever 21

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: PUMA by Rihanna Creepers

I am here for Teddy Coats! Teddy coats are big this season and definitely a must-have! Recently I’ve been searching all of my favorite stores for the perfect coat and I found one! Originally I wanted a brown one, but when I came across this pink one it was on sale and I knew I had to grab it! I found this coat at Asos for less than half the price! I LOVE bargains! It is the same coat that I spotted two of my favorite bloggers wearing on Instagram (see below.) Although, the brown coat would have been easier to match other things I couldn’t beat the price of the pink teddy coat. I paired this coat with a simple pair of jeans, cream turtleneck, and my PUMA by Rihanna creepers. Too much thought didn’t go into this look, but it’s definitely a fly casual everyday outfit!

Are you a fan of the teddy coat trend this season? Comment below!



Spotted: Miss Thang herself! I’ve been seeing these pictures all over my feeds! Monica was spotted in Kentucky rocking Monse Maison’s Belted Herringbone Jacket and “FOR WALKING” Knee-high OFF-WHITE boots. My girl literally killed this look and I am SHOOK! Let’s get into this plaid/checked print trend. I am a fan!!! And OFF-WHITE?!?! I am here for OFF-WHITE everything. Virgil is one of my favorite designers right now! How do you guys feel about this look? Hot or not?




Views from Duomo di Milano

During my travels in Europe, one of my favorite things were capturing pictures in fun outfits in front of places I used to google. Check out this edgy chic look in front of the famous Duomo di Milano.

The Jiara ft. Duomo di Milano,

Graphic Tee: Zara

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Vans

Bag: Zara

Issa Look Book!

Homecoming has ended, and I was in my GLO — Chicago lingo being defined as “when one is to “GLO” or “GLO’d Up” his confidence, swag and demeanor are so heightened they cannot be changed by negativity. Here’s a recap of the looks given my last homecoming as an undergraduate.

The Jiara Look Book

Shirt: Zara

Belt: Off-White

Pants: H&M

Sandals: Zara

Bag: Zara

The Jiara Look Book

Sweater: Zara

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: Vans

Clutch: Zara

The Jiara Look Book

Leather Camisole: Zara

Pants: H&M

Heels: Nasty Gal

The Jiara Look Book

Dress: Zara

Belt: Off-White

Bag: Zara