The First Blog Post

The Jiara, Barcelona, Park GuellHi, all! Welcome welcome welcome to my blog! My name is Jiara, and I am more than excited to be here actually typing my first blog post! The thought of creating a blog has been something heavy on my mind, but I’ve finally made my way to a platform! Let’s be honest for a second, if creating a blog wasn’t a class assignment I still might have put my blog on hold. It’s the perfectionist in me. I want to ensure I deliver great content to my audience! As my first blog post, I wanted to formally introduce myself and explain why I am here. My blog will be a lifestyle blog with a great focus on beauty, travel, and fashion! My interest in creating a blog mainly started when I was abroad Spring ’17. Originally I wanted to create a travel blog and vlog (vlog coming soon), but I feel as though I have a wild array of interests that I’ll love to blog about! While abroad I discovered my passion for traveling, and how I want to make a positive impact on others’ view of traveling, specifically targeting those in the black community. Prepare for more organized thoughts and the creation of Jiara the blogger! Follow me as a twenty-one-year-old unapologetic Black girl from the South side of Chicago living and loving life.

9 thoughts on “The First Blog Post

  1. Hey Jiara. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading your blogs. One quick tip😆 When referring to Black people or yourself as a Black girl or Black culture ALWAYS capitalize the word “Black”. Best of wishes


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