Welcome back! Welcome back!

I have not been active on my blog since the ending of the semester and although I wish I remained consistent, it has been a well-needed and deserved break. During my time off I went back home ate my favorite foods and went on an 8-day cruise! Obviously, my winter break was great. There would be a later post talking about my cruise in details.

However, it is officially the New Year and I wanted to make a blog post because the new year is easily one of my favorite times of the year. My favorite thing about the new year is reflecting and thinking about the best moments of that year. Also, brainstorming different new year resolutions and changes you want to make. It is sometimes a moment to be unrealistic in goal setting LOL. We say we are going to change 100 things and only change 3. We are all guilty. We mean well but things just don’t seem to work out all the time. 12 days in and I have yet to create my goal list, although thinking about it I am going to make sure that I create S.M.A.R.T. goals, and advise everyone else to make every goal a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

During my absence, I’ve noticed consistent views, and that makes me excited and motivates me to prioritize my blog! My mom also told me that I need to post more LOLOL. So I am here to say welcome back and stay tuned! What are some of you all’s goals for 2018?!

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