Is R&B making a comeback?

In recent weeks it seems to be that R&B is making a STRONG comeback. I am 100% here for it! This week’s playlist features artists in which I am fairly new to except for one. These songs may or may not be old, but I’m sure it’s someone out there that aren’t familiar with these new hits. Here is a list of seven of my favorite songs at the moment:

  1. Too Deep – dvsn
  2. Nuk Time / Tek Time – dvsn
  3. Keep Calm – dvsn
  4. Best Part – Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.
  5. Get You – Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis
  6. Nothing on – Tank
  7. Only One – Tank

These are my favorite songs on these albums, but definitely, check them out and see if you agree. Comment below your favorite R&B songs at the moment!

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